Don’t be put off by the short distance of this sportive relative to others. It’s a great route…it starts straight off with the climb of the Brouis east side from Breil, then after the descent to Sospel, it climbs the Castillon, and having contoured around the mountain, continues climbing with the second half of the Braus, but no sooner have you crested the Braus than it kicks up again with the Cols de l’Ablé and de l’Orme which in turn leave you with the amazing section of stacked hairpins on the Turini climb. Even when you reach the plateau, you still have 200m of climbing still to do to reach the top of the Col du Turini, albeit in a series of short steps over about 15km.

From the top of the Turini, the route then descends 1250m back to Sospel, where you tackle the final climb of the Brouis west side, and then enjoy the final descent back to Breil.

This is a very low-key event, with 200-300 participants – a far cry from the several thousand people at the biggest cyclosportives – but that makes it all the more friendly and enjoyable.