The Col de Brouis is not a long or demanding climb, having a predominantly gentle gradient, particularly from the Sospel side, but it is a rewarding climb with stunning views. This is the final range of mountain peaks before the Italian border, and the views across to the Italian mountains are fantastic.

The descent is particularly good on both sides too – fast, flowing corners, wide road, good visibility and precious little traffic!

Breil Sur Roya

Breil-sur-roya – at the foot of the climb on the eastern side


There is a short-cut to Italy here if you don’t want to tackle the Brouis – a little cut-through with a climb to the border via the Col de Vescavo (477m), and then descent to San Michele. Here you will find a café, although it serves also as a shrine to Team Astana who presumably make a point of stopping here periodically on their training rides…a signed shirt framed and mounted on the wall.